Shared Web Hosting at a Glance

Shared web hosting indicates the sharing of same server hardware by multiple databases and websites without breaching the security of individual websites. In this particular type of web hosting, several websites share the resources such as disk space and network connectivity.

In Shared hosting, the service provider takes care skin color technical aspects ranging from server configuration to admin support. Service providers in order to responsible for security updates and technical support for the service too. The websites can be managed and created, domains can be included or files can be accessed from a browser with the help of C-Panel. C-Panel also helps users to navigate within the perimeter of server conveniently without much technical expertise. online consists of file management, domain management, script installations for WordPress or blogging and e-mail configuration. With online file manager, foods high in protein upload, create or delete files. Files can be organized in a folder and permissions can be modified. You can also take Backups and download a personal zipped copy of entire website also. If you want to have a completely functional website at affordable cost, shared web hosting is for you.

Its cost effective nature makes it very popular and preferred choice for SMEs and webmasters. But availability and low prices, it adjoins the features and benefits of dedicated and managed hosting. Whether you are an expert webmaster or have little to no technical skills, creating or managing your online presence with the help of comprehensive control panel and management tool is huge deal.

Generally, shared website hosting servers are based upon LAMP (software bundle), Windows OS and Linux OS. The shared web hosting supports UAE Ecommerce features such as multiple email accounts, shopping cart application and PayPal plug-in.

One can find several shared hosts providers simply by searching in Yahoo or google! Though, companies offer website hosting solutions at all-time low prices yet people must be careful towards the levels of technical support and domain knowledge they offer. Because you will be sharing the space, bandwidth and memory with several others on the server, make sure that they do not host a website that utilizes unwarranted consumption of bandwidth resulting in downtimes for you and other sites. Also, a few that the technical support, scalability and running times on the server are not compromised. The shared resources should not affect the performance of hosted forums.