Android App Development is Going To Be The Only Trend In Mobile Software Industry.

Android App Development is To be able to Be The Only Trend In Mobile Software Profession.

Reports from various sources suggest that Apple will be going to lose its supremacy in tablet market. iPad has been dominating since 2010 but now, Android with its unchallenging adoption, will also lead in this particular market. And there certainly no particular reason that Android will not be able to carve a better niche.

According to if you watch findings of ABI Research, Android has all those features that make it affordable, adoptable, and capable of coming about of Apple. And Google’s smart in order to compete with Apple’s 10-ince iPad is its 7-ince Android powered tablet.

Other reports indicate that Google is serious enough improve the user-experience of Android OS, purposely for the tablet devices. For now, Apple is winning the hearts and loyalty for table user experience. But, a report of IDC recently says iPad had a decrease of 40% of its shipments in the first quarter of 2013.

On the other hand, Google is promising users great upgrade to Android os. An executive of Google hinted that for now, Android and Chrome can not become one however with time, things may change. However the entire game will be played according require created by the ultimate place. Google recently release Google Studio in order to make things easier and faster for Android app developers. Google is quick enough to fill the gap between technological preeminence between Android and iOS by launching new things in its OS ecosystem.

aptoide app of ABI Research suggest that Android will account for 58% of app downloaded in 2013, while Apple will get the second place with 33%. One other runners-ups in recreation are Windows Phone with 4% and BlackBerry with 3%. So Android is today’s trend. Salvaging available in much more 70% smartphone devices all over the earth. If it continuously grow like this, there may soon be an Android only phone-age. Which means that also inspire the business world and thus they are showing their interest in Android application development. Previously, they heavily used on iOS platform which is now gradually losing its market easily share.

Android is living up to the expectations of users. It may be defamed for malware and fragmentation related issues but is Google or Android itself responsible for until this? No, neither Android nor Google is responsible for either issue. Attractiveness of Android is its openness under of this features, Samsung defeated Nokia and is selling more devices. Nokia was once world’s top mobile device seller but the company is struggling for its existence. Its tie-up with Microsoft created no miraculous. Microsoft recently cancelled program centers of buying this highly expensive, non performing brand. So Android is outshining others. It appears to soon takeover the general market.